Legitimate Direct Selling Companies

Hari ini, saya ingin membincangkan tentang ciri-ciri Direct Selling Company.
Anda boleh membaca untuk memahaminya.


Menurut Direct Selling Association Of Malaysia, Legitimate direct selling companies adalah seperti berikut:

Legitimate Direct Selling Companies

1.The start-up fee for all ethical multi-level selling companies is generally low, primarily to cover training materials, sales aids or demonstration kits.

2. Such companies sell a wide range of quality products to the general public. The bulk of the sales are on repeat sales form satisfied customers. This is only possible because these companies spend millions on research and development to develop quality products.

3. Many companies have a 100 percent money-back guarantee. Dissatisfied users (and there are relatively few) could exchange the products back for money or for an equivalent amount in other products.

4. These companies are interested in long-term business. In every country that they operate, this criterion is important because the companies have an obligation to their distributors who are small businessmen in their own rights.

5. Recognition of achievement is based on efforts. This means that a distributor’s income is commensurate with the efforts he/she puts into the business.

6. Established companies depend on selling to customers quality products which offer value for money in order to establish a market.

7. These companies build up networks of independent distributors to sell products.

8. They have strict Rules of Conduct which, among other things, forbids its distributors to load up on inventory.

9. Distributors sell products and or services.

10. Direct selling is a popular method of retailing which is recognised as a lawful and legitimate business in many countries including the U.S.

Selepas Perbandingan, saya mendapati ciri-ciri syarikat kita agak berbeza dari yang di atas. Iaitu,

Untuk 1.) Very low, yes.
Untuk 2.) 60 days free trial, yes.
Untuk 3.) We give 100% full refund even you are not happy.
Untuk 4.) Not really. No need a distributor. Direct to consumer.
Untuk 5.) No distributor.
Untuk 6.) Yes, consumer decides the product in our company.
Untuk 7.) Yes, that’s right.
Untuk 8.) No inventory to keep.
Untuk 9.) No distributor. No selling.Consumer direct to the company.
Untuk 10.) Absolutely yes.

Apakah anda berasa syarikat kita jauh berbeza dan lebih bagus? Syarikat kita adalah pengeluar yang bersaluran terus ke pelanggan. Inikan lebih menjimatkan?

Kawan-kawan, sebuah syarikat bumiputera yang berjumlah seramai 100,000 ahli  Melayu akan masuk ke dalam syarikat kita. Bayangkan dan kenapa ini boleh terjadi? Apakah anda masih ragu-ragu?


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